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LDS Nicolet has released the enhanced rack version of its data acquisition and transient recording system, GENESIS.

The rack version offers up to 16 slots for input modules. This is more than double the seven slots of the "tower" version, which remains available as well.

Using all 16 slots, the GENESIS now can record up to 128 channels of voltage signals with 1 MS/s per channel into RAM. This can be as huge as 8GB of data.

In the unique high-speed streaming to disk mode, the GENESIS can continuously spool data with a typical aggregate rate of 30MB to a control PC´s hard disk. This is about 100kS/s per channel for all 128 channels for a nearly unlimited duration - just limited by hard disk space.

Using the physical input signal conditioners, the new GENESIS rack can accommodate up to 64 channels of Bridge, Differential, ICP or current inputs - all with high accuracy, high bandwidth and fully isolated.

The rack mainframe also houses the GENESIS interface board that connects to the PC using a high-speed 1Gb Ethernet connection.

The Interface board offers an extra slot to add a local SCSI disk interface to the system. Then the data is stored locally without relaying on the Windows OS for safety critical applications.

Also, the Interface board can be equipped with an IRIG/GPS subsystem enabling synchronising of the GENESIS system with any other IRIG based device down to 1μs.

GENESIS is available from Davidson Measurement Pty Ltd .

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