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THE Stargate is a high-performance processing platform, available from Davidson Measurement , designed for sensor, signal processing, control, and wireless sensor networking application.

The Stargate is based on Intel's Xscale processor, and it is the same processor found in today's most powerful handheld computers including the Compaq IPAQ and the Dell Axim.

The Stargate processor board is the result of the combined design efforts of several different ubiquitous computing research groups within Intel.

The completed design is licensed to Crossbow Technology for commercial production. The Stargate processor board is preloaded with a Linux distribution and basic drivers. A variety of useful applications and development tools is also provided.

The Stargate processor module is compatible with Crossbow's MICA2 family of wireless sensor networking products (using the embedded TonyOS platform) and the public domain software from Intel's Open-Source Robotics initiative.

The Stargate processor module is also an ideal solution for standalone Linus-based Single Board Computer (SBC) applications.

With its strong communications capability and Crossbow's ongoing commitment to its open-source architecture, the Stargate platform offers tremendous flexibility.

The SPB400CB processor board has both Compact Flash and PCMCIA connectors as well as optional installable headers for two serial ports and a 12C port.

The SDC400CA daughter card supports a variety of additional interfaces, including RS232 Serial, 10/100 Ethernet, USB Host, and JTAG.

Finally, the standard MICA2 Mote connector on the SPB400CB processor board provides support for synchronous serial port, (SSP), UART, and other GPIO connections.

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