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GE Sensing introduces Ruska model 2482 differential piston gauge

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GE Sensing has introduced its Ruska model 2482 differential piston gauge in response to a market demand for an accurate and easy-to-use differential pressure standard for use at high static line pressures.

Featuring a patented triple-piston assembly this new primary standard has been designed to calibrate virtually any differential pressure sensing device from 0 to 850 inH2O ( 2100 mbar ) at line pressures up to 2900 psi (200 bar).

Despite the fact that the accuracy of pressure transmitters is dependent on line pressure, few devices are calibrated at elevated line pressure due to the associated costs and complexity of traditional twin post calibration standards.

In traditional systems, minute load adjustments are required to establish zero differential at each line pressure.

This elaborate zeroing process is eliminated in the Model 2482 through the use of a precision load cell, actually a digital force balance.

The load cell supports the weight of the differential piston and serves as a null indicator to ensure the line pressure balance point. It also provides feedback to an active control system so that the differential pressure produced is maintained when changing the mass load.

A particular feature of the calibration process is that the effective area of the triple-piston assembly is not affected by the line pressure. This simplifies operation of the instrument by minimizing the computations needed for accurate results and significantly contributes to a reduced uncertainty in output pressure.

The innovative model 2482 can be used to calibrate virtually any hydraulic or pneumatic pressure device, including other industrial or portable piston gauges, transducers, transmitters, gauges or pressure switches.

The piston gauge offers a good accuracy of 40 ppm of reading + 0.0013 psi and its Windows-based menu-driven software both controls the piston gauge and provides the full range of necessary corrections and calculations.

The piston gauge is ideally suited as a calibrating instrument for a wide range of applications requiring possible accuracy at high line pressures, such as the calibration of pressure transmitters used in custody transfer measurements in the oil and gas industry and turbine efficiency testing in the power generation sectors.

The new Ruska model 2482 differential piston gauge is available from Davidson Measurement.

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