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article image The Ultraprobe inspection unit identifies electrical problems.
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THE Ultraprobe 9000, from Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a digital ultrasonic inspection, information storage and retrieval system.

Used for mechanical inspection, the versatile unit is simple to use and quickly identifies plant problems such as: bearing damage, pump cavitation, gearbox damage, lack of lubrication, etc.

For energy or safety audits the unit can help identify compressed air or gas leaks and vacuum leaks, and check the performance of boilers, condensers, steam traps and safety valves.

Electrical problems such as arcing, tracking, and corona, may be effectively identified.

The unit is a handheld pistol grip device which only weighs 0.9kg making it easy to carry and operate. The calibrated digital display features a 16 segment bar-graph which instantly registers sound intensity changes and simultaneously registers peak hold.

The unit stores data and allows downloads of stored data via an RS232 output.

The Ultraprobe 9000 allows easy identification of leaking pipes etc. and can detect an 0.1 mm diameter leak at 5psi (0.34 bar) at a distance of more than 15 metres.

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