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Cost-effective low pressure sensors

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LOW pressure sensors, specifically designed for use in cleanroom, HVAC control and similar applications where the accurate yet cost effective monitoring of very low pressures is required, are now available from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The LP 1000 Series is available in gauge or differential formats with ranges from 0.25 mbar to 2.5 mbar Full Scale.

All ranges withstand a significant overpressure of up to 250 mbar as standard and accuracy is within ±0.5% of calibrated range in terms of combined non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability.

For positive and negative pressure measurements, uni-directional or bi-directional operation is enabled by a 2 or 3-wire electrical interface. This is configured for either voltage (LPM 1000) or current (LPX 1000) outputs, for example 5V ±5V dc and 4-20mA, amongst others.

For precision measurement at very low pressures, an inductive sensing principle is employed which provides maximum sensitivity to detect even very small variations in pressure.

The beryllium-copper sensing diaphragm operates with minimal displacement for reliable long term performance and excellent resistance to shock and vibration.

The LP 1000 Series is presented in a compact and lightweight alodyned aluminium housing sealed to IP64.

Removal of the electronics cover provides access to zero and span adjustment, allowing minor offsets to be corrected and also potentiometer adjustment of the sensor response time.

A choice of imperial or metric thread and tube pressure connections are offered and the popular DIN style electrical plug/socket is supplied as standard.

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