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THE Larson Davis System 824, available from Davidson Measurement , combines sound level meter and real-time analyzer capabilities in a small, rugged package. It empowers the user with five different virtual instruments in one user-friendly hand held design:

* Integrating Sound Level Meter (ISM) meeting Type 1 Standards with simultaneous measurement of sound pressure levels using fast, slow, and impulse detectors, for A, C, and flat frequency weightings called ANY LEVEL. It measures 48 sound pressure parameters at once. All with a 105dB linearity range.

* Sound Spectrum Analyser (SSA) with ANY LEVEL simultaneous sound pressure level measurement, real-time 1/3 octave frequency analysis, spectral Lns and multiple time histories. This is a do everything at once instrument.

* Logging Sound Level Meter (LOG) provides data gathering of ANY LEVEL broadband sound pressure levels. Advanced data logging over user-defined time intervals with complete statistical information.

* Real Time Frequency Analyzer (RTA) optimised for characterising steady state or high-speed transient events with 1/1 and 1/3 octave analysis over a 20kHz frequency range. Includes advanced triggering functions, Autostore ByTime, direct RT60 calculation, RC and NCB curves.

* Fast Fourier Transform Analyser (FFT) with 400-line resolution from 1Hz to 20kHz for specific frequency investigations. Includes snapshot data storage, THD calculations, user definable linear units, and more.

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