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Artificial head measurement system

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THE digital artificial head HMS-II is the result of further targeted development of artificial head technology by HEAD acoustics, represented by Davidson Measurement .

With state-of-the-art 24 bit technology, the artificial head HMS-III.0 is able to achieve a dynamic range comparable to that of human hearing.

The artificial head accurately simulates all acoustically relevant components of the human outer ear, and is thus able to achieve aurally-accurate, binaural recording of sound events, in which all features of human sound perception are supported.

The measurement electronics, along with an independent-of-mains power supply, are integrated in the head-and-shoulder unit, making the artificial head an easy-to-handle, use-anywhere measurement tool.

Investigation of the sound quality of technical products and the possibility of product-specific sound design are some of the most important fields of application for the artificial head.

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