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NATA accreditation for TECTA B16 automated microbial detection system
04.06.2018 - The TECTA-PDS automated microbial detection system, TECTA B16 combines speed of detection with ease of testing.
4 reasons why plants need calibration management software
22.03.2018 - GE company Baker Hughes presents 4Sight2, a new calibration management software solution that helps manufacturers improve efficiencies in their operations.
GE ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters
10.08.2017 - The GE ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter combines a state-of-the-art flow measurement capability with a low-cost transmitter package.
Thermo Fisher custom designs integrated water solution for Ichthys project
19.01.2017 - Thermo Fisher Scientific supplied an integrated solution to the Ichthys LNG Project located off the coast of Australia.
Temposonics EP2 position sensors for high durability and precision
20.10.2016 - Thermo Fisher Scientific has released a new range of magnetostrictive linear position sensors featuring a robust, wear-free design.
New GE ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters
29.09.2016 - Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a new range of ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters from GE.
Thermo Fisher signs agreement with Honeywell
26.09.2016 - Thermo Fisher Scientific has signed a distribution agreement with Honeywell Process Solutions.
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