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Water filter systems from The Water Filter Shop

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The Water Filter Shop  offers a wide range of water filter systems which include benchtop systems, undersink systems, whole house systems, distillers and designer taps.

The Water Filter Shop supplies premium undersink twin kits, undersink reverse osmosis kits, budget line twin undersink complete kit, twin undesink filter system components and cartridges. Range of benchtop water filter systems include Doulton ultracarb benchtop, reverse osmosis 4 stage benchtop, ceramic urn and budget line benchtop kit with Doulton ultracarb filter. Range of designer taps include spring loaded taps, twin trigger standard tap, antique dial taps etc.

The Water Filter Shop supplies shower filters which helps in reducing water and energy bills. Shower filters include shower filter with rose, shower filter without rose and replacement cartridge.

The Water Filter Shop supplies a range of water coolers which includes bottle style coolers, mains connected coolers, remote chillers and micro chillers. Bottle style coolers range includes self filtering bottle, replacement filter, replacement bottles, bench top coolers, standing coolers and non spill valves.

In addition to supplying water filter systems and shower filters, The Water Filter Shop also offers removable benchtop filters, water coolers, water boilers, filter cartridges, housings and parts.

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