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Modular Steel Storage Tanks from The Tasman Tank Co. Meet Large Storage Requirements

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article image Chilled water tank project at Port of Brisbane

The Tasman Tank Co.  has installed one of their modular steel storage tanks for a new building complex at the Port of Brisbane in Queensland.  

Large storage tank installations can be aesthetic and functional at the same time with the use of smart technology.  

Tasman Tank’s modular tanks offer advantages such as speed of construction and safety. An additional advantage is that the tanks follow an innovative method of construction that can be aesthetically blended with surrounding buildings to eliminate the eyesore effect so common among conventional steel tanks.  

Tasman Tank’s modular steel tanks find application in commercial and industrial mining, energy, resources, manufacturing, government and infrastructure, engineering, food and beverage processing, chemical and primary product processing, water and wastewater as well as fire protection.    

The 240,000-litre circular bolted storage tank installed at the Port of Brisbane is insulated since it stores chilled water for use in the air conditioning system in the building.  

Close location of the storage tank to the building and aesthetics were important criteria for the client.  

Tasman Tank Co’s Queensland Sales Manager Warren Hamer says that the installation was achieved in just over two weeks with relative ease and minimal disturbance using the company’s innovative TS 600 storage tank.  

A major factor that went in favour of Tasman’s bolted steel tanks was their flexibility. These tanks incorporate an internal membrane that prevents stress cracking in the foundations as often found in other types of storage tanks of this size.  

Mr Hamer went on to explain that speed of construction was another major advantage for the bolted tanks.  

He says that modular tanks are popular because of ease of handling at hard-to-access construction sites.  

Tasman Tank’s modular steel storage tanks are supplied as flat-packed panels that are simply bolted together onsite.  

Mr Hamer says that Occupational Health and Safety on the worksite is a major consideration with Tasman’s modular storage tanks.  

There is no need to build scaffolding since the panels are bolted on the ground level and simply jacked up hydraulically eliminating the requirement for working at heights.  

The construction method also allows capacity enhancement if required in future, which simply involves installing the hydraulic jacks and adding more panels.  

Key advantages of Tasman Tank’s modular steel storage tanks

  • Quick to construct resulting in time and cost-savings
  • Can be successfully blended in with a building or landscape
  • Leak-proof construction
  • Less expensive to build and cheaper to maintain
  • Huge range of internal liners to suit specific applications
  • Rapid construction enabled in remote and climatically challenging areas  

Tasman Tank Co is a recognised leader in the quality tank building industry offering in-house design, manufacture and installation services for diverse industries.

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