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Mining Company Chooses Tasman Storage Tank for Speed of Construction

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article image Tasman Tank Installed at Cloudbreak, Pilbara

Fortescue Metals Group recently purchased a new recycled water storage tank from The Tasman Tank Co. for its de-sanding plant in the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia.  

Speed of construction was a major factor for Fortescue Metals Group with rising iron ore prices and a daily production of more than 100,000 tonnes.  

Tasman Tank’s experienced crew was able to complete onsite construction of the critical 1,400kL steel bolted storage tank in just six days in the dusty and dry conditions of Fortescue’s massive mining and minerals processing site at Cloudbreak, Pilbara.    

According to Tasman Tank’s Ross Edwards who specialises in major projects, the construction of the bolted steel tank was a smooth affair in spite of the remote and climatically challenging area.  

Tasman Tank installed their TS600 model open top, hot dipped galvanised bolted storage tank measuring 15.75m x 8.81m high and featuring a PTR heavy duty reinforced liner.   

Mr Edwards explained that the storage tank had a very large 1200mm suction outlet to enable outlet flow rate requirements of 10,500m³p/hour in addition to an overflow orifice.  

Tasman Tanks also designed, fabricated and installed an anti-vortex outlet with both internal water straightening baffles and an anti-vortex plate to give maximum hydraulic efficiency.    

While welded or concrete storage tanks were other options for the client, Tasman Tank’s speed of construction for their bolted steel tanks clinched the project for them.  

Welded storage tanks, according to Mr Edwards would have taken at least two months while a concrete tank would have taken even longer to build.   

The remote location was also a major factor for the client in opting for the bolted steel tank. Tasman Tank manufactured the tank components at their factory and simply trucked them to the site for assembly.  

Building the tank involved simply bolting the component panels together with the internal membrane inside, which serves as the liquid containment.  

He adds that factory-coated, site-bolted steel tanks offer superior quality control during the manufacturing process. They are less subject to uncontrollable factors such as inclement weather, which can impact upon mixtures specifications and joint connections.    

From an OH&S perspective, modular steel tanks from Tasman Tanks offer advantages such as eliminating the need for scaffolding and minimal disturbance to the rest of the building during construction.  

Everything is hydraulically jacked from the floor up as the tank is built at ground level by bolting the panels in place.   

The modular design offers a big advantage in terms of storage capacity since the end user can increase capacity levels in future by simply having Tasman Tank add more panels.  

Mr Edwards advises companies requiring large bulk storage tanks to take a close look at Tasman Tank’s modular storage tanks.  

In addition to speed of tank construction and reduced project costs, the tanks can be successfully blended in with a building or landscape if needed, turning the tank into a feature rather than an eyesore.  

Tasman Tank Co is a recognised leader in the quality tank building industry with in-house design, manufacture and installation expertise for prompt and professional performance.   

Each Tasman Tank is certified to all relevant codes with independent engineers providing verification of specifications and performance.

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