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Environmentally Adaptable Bolted Tanks from Tasman Tanks for Star-Rated Factories and Offices

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The Tasman Tank Co.  produces a diverse range of tanks to fit conventional needs and custom requirements in industrial or commercial spaces.  

New generation industrial and commercial buildings are designed to incorporate various environmentally-harmonious technologies such as wastewater processing tanks and recycling tanks. Accommodating these additional components creates pressure on efficient space utilisation.  

In addition to producing tanks in traditional shapes, Tasman Tank Company also engineers them to fit around columns, obstacles and awkward shapes to optimise use of available space.  

A recent project had the client requiring a water tank to store 100kL of water in a building basement with limited access, limited roof height and a number of building support columns. The project demanded innovative thinking and use of innovative technology.  

The tank was required to be installed in a 5-star environmentally rated new building in the centre of Adelaide’s CBD. The tank would store potable and non-potable water, including fire and rainwater in the car park basement of the commercial premises.  

Tasman Tanks’ project specialist Ross Edwards recommended the installation of bolted industrial tanks to meet the complexity of the construction wherein the tank needed to maximise use of the limited space available and increase the storage volume within the space constraints.  

Tasman Tanks successfully installed their new generation TS250 and TS185 models of heavy duty bolted tanks. The panels on the sprinkler tank in the basement were internally coated with a two-pack epoxy coating to extend the life expectancy of the tank material without using the more expensive stainless steel version.  

Tasman Tanks was also able to offer the client a 10-year warranty on the tank structure, well above industry standard thanks to the high quality of tank material used in the construction.  

Additionally, the tanks have a 25-year design life, subject to regular tank maintenance.  

Mr Edwards says that their bolted steel tanks were ideal for the difficult project due to their flexibility and speed of construction, with the tank installed and ready for operation within two weeks.  

This flexible tanking system has been used by Tasman Tanks in a number of difficult situations including a 1.1mL tank that was constructed around a building column 6.8 metres high inside an existing warehouse.  

Tasman Tanks’ bolted steel tanks are ideal for companies who have difficult locations to contend with for the installation of storage tanks.  

Tasman Tanks designs and manufactures their tanks in-house. These capabilities allow them to offer clients the best possible solutions customised to their specific requirements.  

Bolted steel tanks are ideal for Australasia, especially in remote and climatically challenging areas where speed of construction can be a critical factor.  

Bolted site construction offers the advantage of total control of all quality processes in good or bad weather unlike non-steel tanks that can be impacted by mixtures specifications and joint connections.  

Tasman Tank Co is a recognised leader in the quality tank building industry with in-house design, manufacture and installation expertise for prompt and professional performance.  

All Tasman tanks are certified to all relevant codes with independent engineers providing verification of specifications and performance.  

Bolted steel storage tanks are available in capacities ranging from kilolitres (KL) to 30 megalitres (ML).

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