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Threaded fastener tools and assembly equipment

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article image 12-page full colour brochure.

STANLEY Assembly Technologies has published a 12-page full colour brochure — “Intelligent Air Tools” — detailing its complete line of pneumatic tools, controllers, and qualifiers for threaded fastener assembly.

Pneumatic tools include pulse and direct drive types with options for counting fasteners and poke-yoke. Control methods include air shutoff, clutch shutoff, transducer control, and electronic cycle monitoring.

The brochure shows the torque capacities for each tool type with an overall range from <1 to 2000Nm and higher. Geometries that can fit the operator and the job are shown for each type.

The brochure describes economical error proofing solutions for all types of pneumatic tools. Intelligent systems ensure that the process is completed correctly every time.

PSI controllers and qualifiers improve assembly quality by enabling error proofing to prevent missed fasteners or incomplete fastening cycles. These products reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for installation and maintenance as compared to error proofing with pressure feedback tubes.

Stanley manufactures a complete range of pneumatic tool outputs to access all types of threaded fasteners. Output types described in the brochure include straight, angle, crowfoot, tubenut, and hold and drive.

The Stanley Works is a worldwide supplier of consumer products, industrial tools, and security solutions for professional, industrial, and consumer use.

Consumer products include hand tools, mechanics tools, tool storage, and hardware. Industrial tools include fastening systems, auto assembly tools, storage systems, professional laser measuring and leveling tools, and hydraulic attachments.

Security solutions includes the integration and supplying of security systems and access control solutions, including automatic door and locking systems for commercial applications.

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