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Soy flours and soy food products from The Solae Company

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The Solae Company  manufactures a variety of soybeans food products including soy flours, soy polymers, soy fibers, soy lecithin, soy protein isolates and soy protein concentrates.

The Solae Company manufactures healthy and quality soy foods through its alliance with companies such as DuPont and Bunge. The Solae Company supplies nutritious and healthy soy foods to the commercial and residential markets. The Solae Company is constantly involved in research and development process for manufacturing natural and healthy food products.

The Solae Company manufactures its soy food products according to industrial standards. The Solae Company uses a innovative quality management strategy for manufacturing its food and beverage products.

The Solae Company manufactures a variety of natural and healthy food and beverage products suitable for use in the following range of industries; nutritional product manufacturing industries, dairy-alternative product manufacturing industries, consumer food supply industries and meat and poultry product manufacturing industries.

Soy food products help in cholesterol reduction and preventing heart diseases. Soy proteins help in increasing bone density and bone health. Soy proteins help in faster muscle recovery.
Soy proteins help in managing boy weight. The Solae Company manufactures its natural food products in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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