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Functional Capacity Evaluations from The Rehab Factor

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The Rehab Factor  offers three forms of functional capacity evaluations:

  • General Functional Assessment
  • Hand and Upper Limb Assessment
  • Pre-Employment Assessment

The Rehab Factor follows the Workhab Functional Capacity Evaluation Model.  

What is included in a functional capacity evaluation?  

Functional capacity evaluations are commonly conducted to establish a person’s functional abilities. The testing is completed under specific conditions to ensure that the test remains standardised.  

Reducing the number of extraneous variables enables correlation and reproduction of the conditions if required. This needs to be done in order to adhere to the evaluation criteria of reliability and validity as well as accuracy of results.  

During the test the evaluator is interested in the ability of the person to function during the activity being tested. Discomfort and difficulty in performing the activity is noted, but it is the actual performance of the activity that is considered important.  

What are the indicators for completion of each type of evaluation?  

General Functional Capacity Evaluation

This is generally completed when the referrer requires information regarding gross body movement. The test is sufficient to assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses as they relate to manual handling trunk and lower limb injuries.  

Hand and Upper Limb Assessment

This is completed when more specific information is required regarding fine hand movements. It tests the individual’s ability to complete a number of activities involving the hand, arm and upper trunk. This test has more specific tasks that can be simulated to actual daily living and work activities.  

Pre-employment Assessment

This assessment can be used by employers during the pre-employment process to assist in determining a potential employee’s capacity to complete the physical requirements of a role.  

This is a more flexible assessment and can combine testing from General as well as Hand and Upper Limb Assessments to simulate the physical requirements of a work role.  

The results of this test may provide information on the applicant’s strengths and limitations as it relates to the potential work role and what interventions may be required to create a job match.  

Functional Capacity Evaluations are used in the following situations:

  • To identify a person’s current physical abilities and limitations, and relate that to their ability to complete or potentially complete a work role
  • To identify a person’s strengths and limitations as they relate to their ability to return to pre-injury activity
  • To assist in developing comprehensive return to work plans and restrictions after injuries
  • In instances where the Insurer/ Employer/ Employee requires information regarding their current physical status

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