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Mesh Panel Fencing Systems from The Plant Yard for Edge Protection at Building Sites

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article image Mesh Panels and Posts for Edge Protection

Mesh panel fencing is supplied by The Plant Yard to ensure edge protection on building sites.  

Edge protection is a constant safety issue on building sites, especially while working on open edges of concrete slabs.  

Installation of mesh panels with clip lock safety handrail posts is a tested and proven method to implement edge protection on the site.  

Also known as temporary edge protection, safety fencing, perimeter edge protection and handrail protection, mesh panel fencing is a quick and efficient method of providing a safety perimeter on the edge of the slab at construction sites.  

Mesh panels available from The Plant Yard come in 2400mm lengths and are locked into the safety handrail posts using an approved clip lock system. The safety handrail post is mechanically fastened into the slab by drilling and inserting approved holding down bolts.  

Key advantages of mesh panel fencing:  

  • Effective all-encompassing edge protection technique
  • Designed to completely secure the slab edge area
  • Fences are mechanically locked into position
  • Mesh panels can be easily removed individually once an area is deemed safe and the risk of fall has been eliminated
  • Superior to handrail timber systems as it eliminates a top, mid-rail and base kick board
  • Easy handling with the mesh panels and supporting handrail posts weighing less than 15kg
  • Modular reusable edge protection system

The Plant Yard can deliver mesh panels and safety handrail posts for high rise projects, carefully strapped on pallets for ease of lifting using the site’s crane or forklift.  

The Plant Yard continues to add mesh panel fencing, safety handrails and other specialist handrail systems to its hire equipment.

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