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Concrete Kibbles from The Plant Yard

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The Plant Yard  offers a selection of concrete kibbles to fit different application needs at project sites.  

Concrete kibbles are available in several different types and sizes. Very often, getting the right concrete kibble for the project at hand might prove somewhat confusing and difficult.

Additionally, the problem can be compounded with the selected concrete kibble not having the correct engineering certification accompanying it.

Factors that impact the type of kibble to be selected include the size of the crane on the project as well as the type and location of the formwork onto which the concrete is being poured.

With a deep insight on the problems that project sites face with this particular type of crane equipment, The Plant Yard is able to provide advice on a variety of concrete kibbles depending on the job at hand.

Diverse projects may have unique requirements ranging from large 1.5m³ to 2.0m³ roll down kibbles with chute or small 0.4m³ to 0.75m³ concrete kibbles.

The Plant Yard offers smaller kibbles with forklift pockets to suit projects where a crane may not be available, or in areas that are not accessible by the crane such as basements for instance.

Landscaping areas where detailed placement of soil or aggregate needs to be done can be accommodated with larger concrete kibbles that feature large mouths to avoid blockage of the materials on discharge.

A selection of engineer-certified concrete kibbles and other crane accessories can be found on The Plant Yard’s website.

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