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The PCB Company introduces Polycarbonate and Polyester Labels

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As part of its expanded range, The PCB Company now offers Polycarbonate and Polyester Labels.

This product is available as a simple Label, a Label containing LEDs, a Label containing Membrane Switches or a combination of both, and can be used in varying applications - from signage / identification purposes to control panels.

The PCB Company’s labels are manufactured by applying a print process over the base material. Printing can be performed using light fast inks for immunity against fading in applications exposing the labels to direct sunlight.

Both multicolour and full colour processing are available, as are gloss and velvet finish options. Labels can be manufactured from customer supplied artwork or by utilising our in house design service.

Embossing is offered to enhance the graphic representation or can be used to sit over a micro switch to function as a push button key. Labels can also be manufactured with clear windows for fitting over LCD displays or other graphic displays. Windows can be glass clear or frosted, depending on the effect required.

LED labels are manufactured with clear windows in the film to allow light from the underlying SMT LEDs to shine through the window.

These LEDs are sandwiched between the top film and the Label backing. A number of different LED options are available covering different colours and different intensity specifications. A tail extends out from the label to allow electrical connection to the internal LEDs.

The tail can utilise edge connector technology and be manufactured with a fitted, moulded sprung pin type connection. The tail removes the requirement for any additional cables, as the tail technology is designed to mate with a PCB mounted connector, in most cases on the system driver board.

The exit point of the tail is determined by the customers mechanical requirements and specifications, to ensure the tail mechanically conforms to the intended application.

Membrane Keypads are manufactured using a series of additional internal film layers and metallic membranes to produce an integrated switch and label assembly. A metallic dome membrane is used to provide a positive tactile feel to the switch.

A number of differently rated domed membranes are available, providing different degrees of force to activate the switch and different degrees of movement. While most switches utilise this technology, the membrane switch can be manufactured without the dome and hence without positive tactile feedback.

Assemblies can be manufactured with only one switch, or as many as can be physically located and electrically routed on the given mechanical footprint of the assembly. As per LED Labels, these Keypads can be designed with a tail extending out from the switch assembly to provide the electrical connections to the internal switches.

Combining the features of LED Labels with Membrane Keypads enables us to produce a product which efficiently and cost effectively incorporates a number of technologies and brings them all together to form a single product which handles both input and output interfaces.

By providing visual output and membrane key input, the technology can be used to simplify mechanical product design and reduce component count for microprocessor based control devices.

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