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Rigid PCBs – Single Sided, Double Sided, Multilayer from the PCB Company

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The PCB Company has recently undertaken some significant upgrades to their manufacturing lines. As a result, there has been an improvement to our Manufacturing capabilities of all standard forms of rigid Printed Circuit boards.

Single sided and double sided boards are available in varying thicknesses from 0.2mm to 3.2mm. However, thicker boards are available by bonding multiples of standard material thickness. The 0.2mm material allows a semi-flexible result without the extra cost associated with Flexible PCBs.

We can also now manufacture longer boards than the conventional 600mm limit, allowing the 0.2mm material to be used to manufacture long, semi-flexible strips.

Our upgrades now allow us to manufacture multilayer PCBs up to 30 layers. The bonding process involved in the manufacture allows these to be available in many overall thicknesses and various distances between layers. Impedance can be controlled in this process and we now have internal Impedance Control testing facilities to ensure accuracy.

Our new equipment allows us to maintain tighter manufacturing tolerances as well as reliably manufacture finer tracks and smaller air gaps than previously offered. We can now offer 4 mil tracks along with 4 mil spacing. In special circumstances, this can be reduced to 3 mil tracks and 3 mil spacing. Drilling has been maintained at 0.2mm finished hole sizes.

At The PCB Company, we are confident that we are now even better equipped to manufacture quality Printed Circuit Boards to meet the most discerning customer’s needs.

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