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The hand-operated Maxtor mobile shelving unit from The OFS Group

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The hand-operated Maxtor from The OFS Group provide an economical and convenient storage system for applications ranging from offices, archives, libraries, hospitals and retail outlets to light-duty warehouse storage. The high quality mobile design ensures ease of movement, with a force of only 6kg needed to move mobiles, up to a recommended maximum load of 2 tonnes per mobile.

Features and benefits of the Hand Maxtor storage system include:

  • Hand-Operated Maxtor storage systems are normally used for light-duty storage situations combined with Brownbuilt Light or Medium Duty RUT shelving to a maximum advisable mobile width of three (3) bays
  • up to 2700mm
  • Single-sided mobiles are installed with overhead stabilisers and track keeper plates of the hand operated storage system to prevent tipping
  • All mobiles including lateral guide wheels for operator safety
  • Brownbuilt Maxtor hand operated storage units utilise high quality steel tracks for support and stability
  • Optional galvanised track and channels, to suit in-floor slab track installations, for increased product durability
  • Hand Operated Maxtor storage systems can be specified with a mobile-mounted, key activated Slimline Locking Console, providing additional security when the unit is closed

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