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Metalsistem shelving and dividers from The OFS Group

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article image Metalsistem shelving from The OFS Group

Metalsistem shelving is available for purchase from The OFS Group . These systems are fully adjustable and can be used to construct two tier structures. They are rapid to assemble, stable, economical and have a light to medium duty load bearing capacity.

The design of this shelving is the result of many years of experience in the field of metal processing. The use of high quality zinc coated steel also means that these units display a high level of durability.

A large range of dividers compatible with these shelving systems is also available from The OFS Group. These include vertical sliding dividers which have been specifically designed to separate loose items and shelf trays which comprise a bin front and rear panel 100 mm in height.

Other dividers include a chest of drawers which is modular and located directly onto the iframes, plastic bins for storing loose items and fixed height dividers which can be inserted in any position on the shelf and come in three different lengths; 244, 344 and 444 mm.

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