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Mechanically-Assisted Maxtor Mobile Shelving Systems from The OFS Group

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article image Mechanically-Assisted Maxtor Mobile Shelving System

The OFS Group  supplies the mechanically-assisted Maxtor mobile shelving systems designed for ease of movement in medium to heavy duty storage applications for office, warehouse and industrial environments.

The mechanically-assisted mobile shelving systems feature a manually operated slimline operating console at the end of each mobile designed to move the Maxtor system by means of a chain-driven mechanism.

The drive system requires a force of only 10kg at the operating handle to move loads of up to 12 tonnes.

Brownbuilt slimline operating consoles can be configured with Brownbuilt Safewind handle or Posi-Drive wheel systems to suit individual applications and are mounted to maximise operator aisle access.

Mechanically-assisted Maxtor mobile shelving systems can also be specified with a mobile-mounted, key-activated slimline locking console providing additional security when the unit is closed.

Safewind Handle 

  • Features a unique design incorporating a gravity-based, self-disengaging mechanism
  • Handle engagement is activated after turning the handle through 90º
  • Deactivated when released to ensure operator safety when the mobiles are free-wheeling

Posi-Drive Wheel 

  • Positively-engaged wheel attachment for the slimline console
  • Manufactured from quality steel
  • Features a 400mm diameter to reduce operating rotations
  • Dish depth of only 70mm to reduce the overall mobile width

Mechanically-assisted Maxtor mobiles are designed as multi-track systems with a maximum standard mobile width of 6300mm.

Maxtor mobile shelving can be specified with a number of Brownbuilt shelving systems from light duty RUT shelving through to Unichannel shelving systems to suit specific storage applications.

Brownbuilt offers two load wheel capacities for additional system flexibility: 

  • Standard: Maximum mobile weight of 6000kg (3-track system)
  • Heavy-duty: Maximum mobile weight of 9000kg (3-track system)

Heavy-duty load wheels are available on request.  

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