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Aladdin Maxtor mobile shelving from The OFS Group

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Aladdin represents a sophisticated mobile storage system, available from The OFS Group . Computer technology and electronic controls ensure that Aladdin is a reliable and convenient solution for medium to heavy-duty storage, allowing movement of total system loads up to 84 tonnes with high frequency operation. Aladdin can be configured with a wide range of shelving designs from Light duty RUT through to Heavy Duty shelving and can be supplied with laminated exterior panels for installations requiring colour coordinated or architecturally aesthetic appearances.

Features of the Aladdin mobile shelving include:

  • Safety Stop Flaps are fitted to all bays of the mobile shelving system as standard, on one face of each mobile and the plinth (static bay). The flaps automatically shut down the system should an obstacle be encountered in the aisle during operation
  • Optional safety buzzer alarms can be installed on all non-aisle lock systems on the mobile shelving to indicate to operators that the system has been activated and is about to move.
  • For additional operator safety, an electronic aisle lock is standard for all Aladdin Systems mobile shelving to prevent activation of any other aisle select button until the lock-out is deactivated
  • A system of LED warning lights advise operators of the system's operational status
  • Where natural lighting is inadequate, optional overhead cantilevered lighting systems can be fitted to each aisle of the mobile shelving and activated over a specific aisle when opened

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