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The Jetters Edge offer unloader valves

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The Jetters Edge  are providers of unloader valves. The primary role of the unloader valve is to divert water back to the header tank when working pressure has been achieved or the supply of water to the nozzle has been cut off through a hand lance or remote mini reel.

The water is then recirculated from the pump through the header tank until the water supply has been opened again. In areas that have hard water, the minerals in the water accumulate on the valve seat quickly. Thus, the valve must be replaced every six months depending on the usage. The average life span of an unloader valve is 18 months.

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23/10/2013 - That's a very high operating pressure, there are some stainless unloaders that can handle up to 8000psi, such as the VB53. This would be a special ordered item.

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