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Stopping root intrusions and blockages in spraying

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article image MUSTANG swivel nozzle holders

The MUSTANG swivel nozzle holder available from The Jetters Edge is designed as an effective solution against problem blockages such as root intrusions.

Root intrusions, especially at the base of a shaft or inlet to a shaft are difficult to get at with most jetting nozzles, and clearing them can be messy with the water pressure shooting back towards the operator.

The new MUSTANG swivel nozzle holder is a unique attachment that will give the operator forward firing access to these problem blockages. Designed to attach onto a hand lance gun, the swivel joint can be moved when there is no pressure flowing past the trigger, but will not swivel once the pressure is activated, delivering an accurate jet of water at the targeted area.

Useful for clearing debris from flat bottomed gullies and finding stormwater pit outlets, MUSTANG swivel nozzle holders can be used for cleaning gutters as well as general cleaning work.

Stainless steel lance tube extensions are available in various lengths to provide comfortable access to some of the deepest of shafts. By fitting quick release couplers and tails to the swivel nozzle holder and extension shafts, adding or reducing extra lengths is quick, simple and safe.

The Jetters Edge offers truck-trailer or trolley mounted water jetters, drain cleaning nozzles, sewer jetting hose, high and low pressure hose reels, water tanks, and spare parts and accessories.

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