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Solutions for blocked nozzles from The Jetters Edge

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The Jetters Edge  provide solutions for blocked nozzles. Nozzles block for several reasons. If one drops the jet hose on the ground while changing the nozzles or roll up the hose leaving it to drag along the ground one can pick up debris in the end of the hose that will lodge in the nozzle jets.

Another common, but generally unknown cause is the rust and corrosion deposits on any metal surface between the pump and the end of the hose coming loose and lodging in a jet orifice. Unless the fittings are made from stainless steel and high pressure brass one cannot prevent this. The swage tails fitted to either end of the jet hose must be changed every year and the steel pressure fittings should be unscrewed, examined and replaced every two years.

The Jetters Edge had a customer who was wearing out his Root Ranger turbine every few months. The problem was left unobserved until he noticed the rust in the end of his hose swage tails. Later, the swage tails on both ends of his hose was changed and has not had a problem since. The Jetters Edge provide swage tails with an extra coating of zinc to reduce the harsh effects of the water wearing down the metal surface.

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