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Jetting equipment specialist The Jetters Edge advises buyers of drain cameras and locating equipment to select the right package for the job without getting stuck with fancy accessories that may be rarely used. 

The market offers a wide range of drain camera equipment from cheap Chinese made gear to cutting edge American and German made models. While purchasing cheap Asian made equipment may be good in the short term, experience will reveal that they cannot always be repaired when there is a problem; even if they can be repaired it will cost more than the initial purchase price of the equipment. 

On the other hand, paying too much for the drain camera equipment will take a lot longer for payback before it starts turning a profit. 

The Jetters Edge recommends the Ridgid range of drain cameras and locating equipment for household drains and small commercial drains up to 150mm. Robustly built to withstand use even by a first-year apprentice, the Ridgid range comes with new features and recording options to simplify diagnosis of the problem. 

Feature highlights of the Ridgid drain cameras include reel lengths from 10m up to 100m, and monitor choices from basic handheld models up to digital recording and thumb drive units. These options allow the user to select a package that best suits their type of work. 

Choosing one of the more basic options in drain camera packages will not only be cost effective, but also offer user-friendly operation, durability, versatile performance and reliability. Once the basic drain camera package is selected, one can add various options such as DVD burners or USB recording devices. There are many options with cable length and thickness, self-levelling camera heads, transmitters and locators.

Ridgid CCTV drain camera inspection and locating equipment is considered mid-range in price, but offers product reliability for the long term.

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26/11/2013 - We supply the full range of Ridgid inspection and locating equipment. Please contact our office on 02 9986 1186 or 1300 JETTING

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