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Mustang Blade Cutters from The Jetters Edge

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The Jetters Edge  offers a range of blade cutters designed to adapt to Mustang Root Ranger turbines used in cutting tree roots penetrating into pipes.    

Mustang blade cutters allow the turbine operator to scrape the last remaining tree roots that may have been left behind in the pipe, ensuring that the work is completed thoroughly.  

Mustang blade cutters feature computer-designed razor sharp blades and the retrieval teeth have been shaped to match the contour of the pipes being cleaned.  

The pointed nose and tapered blade design assists in penetrating stubborn root or grease blockages, quickly removing large chunks of debris from the pipe blockage.  

Mustang blade cutters offer superior performance in removing material blockages such as nappies, baby wipes and incontinence pads in pipes, a problem that is very common in kindergartens and nursing homes.  

The blade cutters work better than jetters in clearing these blockages out.  

Mustang blade cutters can be simply attached to the Root Ranger using a quick connect coupler.  

The Jetters Edge also offers truck-trailer or trolley-mounted water jetters, drain clearing nozzles, sewer jetting hoses, high and low pressure hose reels, water tanks as well as spare parts and accessories.

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