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FLIR thermal imaging cameras now available from The Jetters Edge

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FLIR thermal imaging cameras, now available from The Jetters Edge can be used as a simple, non-intrusive way to locate faults before they become a real problem.

Thermal imaging cameras are capable of identifying electrical, plumbing or mechanical problems using a non-contact temperature measurement technique to save costs and speed up work. The reporting software included with the camera package allows building inspection reports to be created easily for analysis and documentation.

Key benefits of thermal imaging cameras in building inspections:

  • Identifies energy loss and poor insulation
  • Spots electrical faults before it is too late
  • Produces instant thermal images of findings
  • Creates reports, and analyses and documents findings with easy to use software
  • Detects hidden problems, makes quick damage assessments and performs preventative inspections
A building diagnostic inspection with a thermal imaging camera can help:

  • Visualise energy loss
  • Detect missing or defective insulation
  • Source air leaks
  • Find moisture in insulation, roofs and walls
  • Detect mould and badly insulated areas
  • Locate water infiltration in flat roofs
  • Detect breaches in water pipes
  • Detect electrical faults

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