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Double ended root ranger nozzles from The Jetters Edge

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The Jetters Edge  announces a new range of double ended root ranger nozzles from Mustang Nozzles.

The double ended root ranger nozzle combines a unique appearance with maximum penetration performance on blockages in short, straight sewer and stormwater drains. Featuring opposed Rotojet turbines, the nozzle can effectively penetrate through some of the toughest blockages, clearing roots and debris with ease.

While the rear turbine having larger flow rating allows the nozzle to move forward in pipes, the forward facing Rotojet turbine reaches the obstruction, with the unique action of the water flow from the nozzle penetrating through the blockages. The nozzle is not designed to take many 90-degree bends.

Key features of double ended root ranger nozzles:

  • Measures 18cm in length and 6cm across
  • Ideally used in straight runs with reasonable access
  • Body made from hardened stainless steel for maximum longevity
  • Rotojet turbines can be serviced or replaced as required
  • Performance is pressure and flow dependant
The Jetters Edge offers a complete range of truck-trailer or trolley mounted water jetters, drain clearing nozzles, sewer jetting hoses, high and low pressure hose reels, water tanks, and spare parts and accessories.


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