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article image Harben 500 DTB trailer mounted water jetting unit

DTB trailer unit is the replacement for the popular DTW series. The DTB has a wide range of performance options and can be used for most high pressure cleaning tasks.

As with the DTM, the DTB is fitted with twin rotationally moulded, impact resistant water tanks.

The DTB comes with the new Yanmar 4 cylinder water-cooled diesel engine.

The P Type Pump is a popular unit with municipalities including Sydney Water who now have 20 custom built units mounted into Mercedes long wheel base vans.

Harben pumps

The Harben pump has the many features that plunger pumps cannot offer such as, run dry capability with out damage, the use of dirty or salt water without modification and longevity.

Benefits include:

  • Good reliability and long service intervals
  • Variable pressure and flow options without piston changes
  • Pump can run dry without damage as there are no piston seals
  • Filtration necessary to only 150 microns
  • No modification is required to pump sea water
  • Multi-cylinder design reduces pulsation and wear on accessories and hoses
  • Good continuous running capabilities
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High power to weight ratio

P Type pumps are available in 3, 4, 6 or 8 cylinder configurations and a new high-flow eight cylinder pump. Piston diameters available are 18mm, 20mm or 22mm, and are available in EN1A mild steel with cadnium plating, or in EN57 stainless steel for higher pressures.


The Harben product range is manufactured in the UK by the Flowplant Group.

As well as Harben, other companies in the group include:

  • Aqua Hydraulics - Ultra high pressure pumps to 2,500 bar (36,000 psi)
  • Neolith Pumps - U.H.P. pumps and chemicals, specialising in hydro demolition
  • Martin J Storey - Smaller contractor sewer cleaning machines up to 210 bar
  • ARB Manufacturing - Specialist in detail machining and metal fabrication

The Harben Division is a specialist in sewer cleaning with this area accounting for approximately 60 % of their turnover. Harben Division’s range includes Trailer, Van Pack and Truck mounted machines within the pressure range from 210 to 700 bar (3000 to 10,000 psi) and up to 155 L/Min in flow.


Model: Harben 500 DTB trailer mounted water jetting unit.


  • Maximum working pressure : 4,000 psi
  • Maximum flow rate: 72 litres

Pump: Harben P type radial piston diaphragm pump of compact design and high power to weight ratio.

Pump features include multi-cylinder design ensuring pulsation free operation, tubular diaphragm pumping chambers eliminating piston seals, all moving mechanical parts immersed in hydraulic oil bath - moving parts in contact with the pumped media are limited to the diaphragm, inlet and delivery valves.

The nature of the pumps design allows the use of dirty water, filtered to only 150 microns, whereas conventional plunger pumps need filtering to 50 microns, and gives the ability to run dry without damage.

  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Piston/cylinder diameter: 22mm
  • Pump speed: 1250rpm
  • Valve type: Standard
  • Diaphragm material: Nitrile rubber

Pump is arranged for flange mounting and direct coupling to gearbox. Safety over-pressurisation protection device is also fitted.

Engine: Yanmar 4TNV88 four cylinder water cooled diesel engine. Produces 33kW (45hp) at 2500rpm. Fuel consumption at full load is 6.5 litres/hr (1.4 g/hr).

Fuel tank will give a running time of 7 hours. Electric starting equipment, pull cable throttle stop and on-board charging system are fitted as standard. Instrumentation includes charging, oil pressure and coolant temperature indicator lamps.

Gearbox: Lightweight 37.5kW (50hp) aluminium reduction gearbox, direct coupled and flange mounted between pump and engine.

Trailer : Two-wheel fast tow road trailer with local road authority approval, fabricated from rust protected square section steel tubing. The trailer is fitted with heavy-duty beam axle and suspension units complying with Australian regulations, and has an auto reverse braking system.

The tow hitch assembly incorporates the dampened overrun brake system, gas spring assisted hand-brake, jockey wheel, standard 50mm ball coupling and a safety breakaway cable. Lighting also conforms to Australian standards and comprises of tail, brake, fog and number plate lamps, along with direction indicators.

Water Storage/ Circuit: The unit is fitted with twin interconnected water storage tanks with a total capacity of 500 litres (110 gallons). The tanks are made from heavy duty rotationally moulded polyethylene, which is rust-proof, impact and crack-resistant.

The tanks are filled through a 3/4 inch B.S.P. ball valve to comply with water authority regulations. The water passes into the pump via an easy clean, hypro-style 50 micron stainless steel filter. Water is directed to the hose reel via a dump/high pressure selector valve.

Fuel tank: Manufactured from heavy-duty polyethylene and fitted with sight level gauge. Tank has a capacity of 23 litres (5 gallons).

Powered Hose Reel: The unit is fitted with a hydraulic circuit that powers the hose reel drum via a PTO drive from the main engine. The hydraulic tank is manufactured from heavy-duty polyethylene and has a capacity of 23 litres (5 gallons).

This feeds the engine mounted hydraulic pump which supplies the variable speed in/out hose reel control selector to rotate the drum. The system is fitted with a visual indicator bypass filter and filter condition gauge. The hose reel drum has a capacity of 100m (330 ft) of 12mm (½ inch) nominal bore two wire braid high-pressure hose. A hose feed guide is also fitted.


  • Length- 3360 mm
  • Width: 1710 mm
  • Height: 1300 mm

Colour: Unit available with standard tank colours of yellow


  • 3r1f Standard Drain Jet
  • 3r Standard Drain Jet
  • 6r Standard Drain Jet
  • MkII Gun c/w fan and pencil jet
  • 100m x 1/2” Thermoplastic Sewer Jetting Hose
  • 3m x ½” Thermoplastic Safety Leader Hose
  • Jump Jet Kit

Jump Jet Kit

The Harben Jump Jet Kit is ideal for all long-distance drain cleaning jobs. Its incorporation will increase the jet’s effective cleaning range by more than 100%.

Its unique hammer action also aids the removal of most common blockages. Water consumption is also reduced by ⅓, so in areas where water is in short supply the Jump Jet is useful.

Harben 500 DTB trailer mounted water jetting unit is available from The Jetters Edge .

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