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Choosing what is a good entry level water jetter for you

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The Jetters Edge offers professional advice on selecting a good entry level water jetter for a plumbing business.

The expense factor can be a hurdle when one is considering acquiring a water jetter for their business. For those just starting out in a plumbing business, the price of a professional standard water jetter and CCTV camera package can seem a little daunting. However, there can be no argument on how effective and valuable water jetters and drain cameras are in any plumbing business, not only for the great job they do but also for the income brought in by the equipment.

Entry level water jetters with 4000psi/ 13 LPM capacity can deliver similar results to equipment with higher pressure and flow units used in domestic situations. There are several options to keeping the initial cost of the unit to a minimum. 

For instance, one can take the option of no reels to hold the high pressure jetting hose, using a patching hose to a ball valve to isolate the pressure, then another length of hose with a nozzle to be used down the drain. By keeping the pressure hose to shorter lengths, there will be less pressure drop and the nozzles will do a better job. 

Alternatively, one can purchase a remote mini reel with the jetter to use at the entry point joined by a length of patching hose. This gives the operator greater control over the working end of the hose and is a safer and neater way of working by not having coils of hose lying around their feet. A shorter length of hose can be used on the mini reel rather than the standard 60 metres to keep the price and pressure drop down.

Another option is a high pressure hose reel that can be mounted to the jetter to hold the main hose. This hose can be used with a nozzle directly on a blockage or connected to the remote mini reel if the water jetter cannot reach the access entry point.  These water jetters can be mounted on a truck, trailer or a van and are light enough to be kept portable and loaded on and off a vehicle when required.

Several plumbers have started out with this water jetter set-up, and then upgraded to a higher pressure and flow professional water jetter when they are more comfortable financially. If they already have the mini reel and nozzles, only the water jetter needs to be purchased.

These mini water jetters have the power to operate a Root Ranger root cutting nozzle but the turbines must be matched to the specifications of the pressure and flow of the pump. 

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