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DESCRIBED as the first really affordable lean manufacturing software product for collecting and reporting real-time manufacturing data, OEE IMPACT Connect provides a real-time OEE logging and analysis capability.

The most advanced feature-rich software and hardware solutions is now available in Australia and New Zealand at a minimal cost from Improvement Tools.com.

OEE IMPACT Connect provides the ability to really work with real-time OEE, downtime, product performance and shift performance plus much more.

It builds on the already acclaimed OEE IMPACT Manual Entry product, which has sold over 1000 systems around the globe since its release in September 2004.

With the launch of OEE IMPACT Connect, users not only receive the latest state-of-the-art OEE IMPACT software with major enhancements and new features, but also a range of easy to install and connect, data collection terminals that work 'right out of the box'.

Customers are up and running in no time, ensuring the drive towards a lean manufacturing solution that is 'lean to implement'.

The OEE IMPACT Data Collection Terminals are available with optional Ethernet Wi-Fi capability, allowing customers to move real-time data collection terminals from machine to machine when required, saving money on fixed units.

With OEE IMPACT Connect software, the Open Database Interface is included in the price.

This allows data to be exchanged with SCADA, ERP or other third party system allowing population of OEE IMPACT's database through a simple to use XML Interface.

Another groundbreaking feature of OEE IMPACT Connect is that there is no charge for the number of network users (clients), so everyone can get access to OEE IMPACT's incredible reporting tool over their local or wide area network.

OEE IMPACT Connect report builder is the heart of the OEE IMPACT Software and comes with over 200 standard reports, which can be fine tuned requiring no specialist computer skills. To report on selected parameters, just choose the OEE IMPACT data picker and hit the refresh button for an instant report on the company’s own requirements.

Use the built-in email interface to send the report to colleagues or, just save the report in a bmp or excel format to include it later in a report.

Saving a favourite report is easy if it is run each week by using the automated date range function to produce the weekly or monthly report ready for the production meeting - or even use the automated report generation function to have that report ready for the next day.

With OEE IMPACT Connect it is possible to build an individual fully animated, real-time operational displays of a company’s plant. The real-time graphic screens virtually build themselves with the OEE IMPACT Connect 'Intelligent Graphics Builder', which is included as standard when purchasing OEE IMPACT Connect.

OEE IMPACT Connect has interfaces available to communicate to most ERP systems - this is a benefit from using OEE IMPACT's reporting tool.

OEE IMPACT Connect also includes a version of Microsoft's SQL Server Database in the price.

Additionally, all the configuration tools are included and customers do not even need to worry about the number of data points (tags), downtime signals, counts, users, reports, product types, graphic screens, as this is all unlimited.

The product price includes the OEE IMPACT Connect software and data collection hardware needed to implement the most advanced OEE Real-time data collection and reporting system solution available today, straight out of the box. A training course is also included in the price.

OEE IMPACT Connect is available throughout Australasia through Improvement Tools.com and Attunga Business Solutions.

OEE IMPACT is on display at stand A30 at the AUTOMATE 2005 Exhibition at Sydney's Olympic Park from September 13-15.

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