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New units of competency have been added to the existing certificate IV and diploma in competitive manufacturing training program, providing an even greater opportunity to tailor programs to suit a particular business needs.

These include:

New cert IV units:

  • Lead a manufacturing team using a balanced scorecard approach
  • Lead a competitive manufacturing team
  • Lead team culture improvement
  • Monitor a manufacturing levelled pull system
  • Facilitate continuous improvement in manufacturing
  • Use six sigma techniques

New diploma units:

  • MCMS604A Manage competitive manufacturing processes in a jobbing shop environment
  • MCMS605A Develop a balanced score card
  • MCMS606A Introduce competitive manufacturing to a small or medium enterprise
  • MCMC613A Facilitate holistic culture improvement in a manufacturing enterprise
  • MCMC614A Develop a communications strategy to support production
  • MCMT622A Design a process layout
  • MCMT623A Develop a levelled pull system of manufacturing
  • MCMT632A Analyse cost implications of maintenance strategy
  • MCMT641A Implement a continuous improvement system
  • MCMT652A Design an experiment
  • MCMT653A Apply six sigma to process control and improvement
  • MCMT662A Develop a documentation control strategy for a manufacturing enterprise
  • MCMT682A Adapt a proactive maintenance strategy to the process manufacturing sector
  • MCMT683A Adapt a proactive maintenance strategy for seasonal or cyclical manufacturing operations

New programs:

The Improve Group has introduced innovative methods of training in the following National Certificate programs:

  • Certificate IV in manufacturing technology, manufacturing operations
  • Certificate IV in manufacturing technology CAD (product design)

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