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Slidegates and fittings from The Green Pipe

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The Green Pipe  manufactures different products that include slidegates, fittings and headwalls. Slidegates from The Green Pipe have lightweight construction and made of aluminium. These slidegates are known for its durability and have the capability to completely regulate water flow. Slidegates also seal from the base to the top of headwall. Both bolted as well as sealed slidegates from The Green Pipe have the capability to fit all sizes. These slidegates fit pipe headwalls having dimensions ranging from 250 millimetres to about 450 millimetres.

Fittings manufactured by The Green Pipe are available in different types including elbows, angles, T pieces, reducers as well as combination lobsters. Elbows, T pieces and fittings from The Green Pipe can be cut as well as welded easily. These elbows, T pieces and fittings are available in standard sizes. The Green Pipe has the capability to fabricate these elbows, T pieces as well as fittings. The Green Pipe provides 90 degree weld elbows, back bend combination lobsters as well as T piece and reducers.

Various other products provided by The Green Pipe include winged headwalls, flaps, chains, culverts and crossings.

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