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Efficient pipes and pipe locks from The Green Pipe

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The Green Pipe  specialises in providing diverse range of products including pipes, pipe locks, slidegates as well as fittings. Pipes from The Green Pipe are available in different sizes ranging from 250 millimetres to about 600 millimetres. These pipes include bell mouth pipes or flanged pipes.

Pipes provided by The Green Pipe have lightweight construction and can be handled with ease. These pipes do not require slings and special lifting cranes. Pipes manufactured by The Green Pipe can be moved into position quickly as well as easily. Pipes from The Green Pipe can be used for stormwater as well as sewerage applications. These pipes have been specifically designed for low pressure water transfer, stormwater, drainage as well as flood irrigation applications.

Pipe locks designed by The Green Pipe comprise of rubber ring seal. Other features of these pipe locks include over centre locking mechanism and specifically designed to fit flanged green pipes. Pipe locks can be fitted onto pipes with ease. These pipe locks provide efficient operation and suitable for upstream as well as downstream applications. Pipe locks from The Green Pipe seals downstream using one metre of head pressure.

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