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Surveillance system counts people too

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DINDIMA Group intelligent surveillance cameras now not only provide a full-featured surveillance system with video motion detection, time lapse capability, but also offers a visual people-counting option.

Wise provides a marketing data gathering instrument by day and a complete video surveillance system/intrusion detection by night.

The system is fully programmable through Windows-based software to provide a comprehensive analysis of people traffic. When in security mode, the unit stores time/date stamped images in its onboard memory. The compact size allows the unit to be installed permanently, moved from place to place or be fitted covertly.

It features uni or bi-directional counting with hourly analysis and 36 day history and is effective from 2-15 metres.

All security features may be activated after hours locally, or remotely via modem. Duress alarm remains active during people counting mode.

Camera images and people count may be viewed and programmed locally or remotely. A GSM option is also available.

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