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article image Offers over 5GB/s of memory bandwidth.

MATROX Imaging, represented in Australia by Dindima Group , has released the Odyssey Xpro+, an enhanced version of the Matrox Odyssey Xpro scalable vision processor board.

It has the latest version of the freescale G4 PowerPC embedded microprocessor with a core frequency starting at 1.4GHz. It also has an Oasis processing and router ASIC and a customiseable co-processor FPGA.

The single-slot Odyssey Xpro+ also offers over 5GB/s of memory bandwidth, up to 2GB of DDR SDRAM memory and up to 2GB/s of external I/O bandwidth. These features, combined with PCI-X bus technology and linearly scalable architecture, equip the Odyssey Xpro+ for demanding vision applications.

The Oasis ASIC high-density chip integrates a CPU bridge, main memory controller, pixel accelerator (PA) and links controller(LINX). The PA is a parallel processor core that accelerates neighbourhood, point-to-point and LUT mapping operations. It consists of an array of 64 processing elements all working in parallel. It operates at a core frequency of 167MHz, allowing it to process up to two billion pixels a second.

The links controller is the router that manages all data movement inside and outside the processing node, which consists of the PA, CPU and main memory. It can handle several concurrent video and message streams, offloading data management tasks from the CPU and PA and allowing them to focus on image processing tasks.

With over 30 million transistors, the Oasis also incorporates a 128-bit wide, 167 MHz double data rate DRAM interface that delivers to 5.3GB a second of memory bandwidth.

For operations not accelerated by the PA, Matrox Odyssey Xpro+ includes a configurable co-processor FPGA. This additional co-processor is based on the Altera Stratix II family of pin-compatible FPGA devices and includes a bank of QDRII SRAM, which delivers an aggregate memory bandwidth of 4GB/s.

Data to and from the co-processor FPGA travels through two ports with a combined capacity of 2GB/s. Binary operators, large LUT mappings and warping are some of the operations accelerated by the co-processor FPGA, which can be further customised by Matrox Imaging upon request or through a third-party EDA tool with add-on from Matrox Imaging.

Like the Odyssey Xpro, the Odyssey Xpro+ can capture from the majority of area or line scan video sources thanks to a standard PCI mezzanine card site located on the board that allows for the addition of Camera Link, analogue or LVDS/RS-422 frame grabber modules.

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