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High speed addition to frame grabber family

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article image LVDS/RS422 frame grabber.

MATROX Imaging has announced Matrox Helios XD. This newest member of the Matrox Helios frame grabber family, available from Dindima Group , is a 64-bit LVDS/RS422 frame grabber with powerful pre-processing capabilities.

Matrox Helios XD fully exploits PCI-X technology to deliver exceptional video capture rates for a single-board solution and can easily accommodate the most demanding video sources.

A custom Matrox Imaging-designed ASIC, found on all Matrox Helios frame grabbers, combines a PCI-X controller with a powerful processor core to alleviate the host CPU from image formatting and pre-processing tasks.

Matrox Helios XD supports four completely independent 16-bit wide inputs. These inputs can be configured to acquire from two, four and eight-tap monochrome sources as well as RGB sources.

The Matrox Oasis ASIC is the pivotal component on all frame grabbers in the Matrox Helios family. This high-density chip integrates a Pixel Accelerator, Links Controller and main memory controller.

The Pixel Accelerator (PA) is a parallel processor core that accelerates neighbourhood, point-to-point and LUT mapping operations. It consists of an array of 64 processing elements all working in parallel. Operating at a core frequency of 167MHz enables the PA to process up to two billion pixels a second.

The Links Controller (LINX) is the router that manages all data movement inside and outside the processing node, which consists of the Pixel Accelerator, CPU and main memory. It can handle several concurrent video and message streams, thereby offloading data management tasks from the CPU and PA and allowing them to focus on image processing tasks.

With more than 30 million transistors, the Oasis also incorporates a 128-bit wide, 167MHz double data rate DRAM interface that delivers more than 5GB/s of memory bandwidth.

Matrox Helios frame grabbers are programmed with the hardware-independent Matrox Imaging Library (MIL). MIL is optimised for the Matrox Helios frame grabbers' on-board processor, accelerating many image processing functions, thereby enhancing application efficiency and performance.

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