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article image Matrox frame grabber -- new standard.

MATROX Imaging, represented by Dindima , has released the Matrox Helios family, the new standard in high performance frame grabbers.

The Matrox Helios fully exploits PCI-X technology to deliver very high video capture rates for a single-board solution.

With both CameraLink and analogue versions available, the Matrox Helios frame grabbers can easily accommodate video capture applications.

A custom ASIC, designed by Matrox and found on all Matrox Helios frame grabbers, combines a PCI-X controller with a powerful processor core to alleviate the host CPU from image formatting and pre-processing tasks.

These features provide the Matrox Helios frame grabbers with the power and flexibility needed for vision applications today and tomorrow.

The high-density Matrox Oasis ASIC is the pivotal component on all Matrox Helios frame grabbers and integrates a PCI-X controller, pixel accelerator and main memory controller.

Matrox Helios is one of the first frame grabbers on the market to take full advantage of the new PCI-X bus technology. PCI-X is a high performance, backwards-compatible enhancement to the conventional PCI bus specification.

Version 1.0 of PCI-X specifies a 64-bit physical connection running at speeds of up to 133MHz, resulting in a peak bandwidth of up to 1GB per second.

The pixel accelerator (PA) is a programmable parallel processor core that accelerates neighborhood, point-to-point and LUT mapping operations.

It consists of an array of 64 processing elements all working in parallel. Operating at a core frequency of 133MHz enables the PA to process up to 1.6 billion pixels per second.

The Oasis also incorporates a 128-bit wide, double data rate DRAM interface running at 133MHz, that delivers up to 4.3GB per second of on-board memory I/O.

The formatting logic inside the Oasis chip enables real-time image reconstruction from multi-tap cameras without requiring any intervention from the host CPU.

Matrox Helios XCL is the CameraLink variant that supports video capture rates of up to 680MB/sec.

Matrox Helios XCL is available in two configurations: the dual-Base, which supports two independent CameraLink Base ports, and the single-Full, which supports a single CameraLink Full port.

Matrox Helios XA is the analogue variant that supports video capture rates of up to 800MB/sec, and features four 10-bit/ 100MHz channels that can be used independently or synchronised together.

Matrox Helios frame grabbers are programmed with the hardware-independent Matrox Imaging Library (MIL). MIL is optimised for the Matrox Helios frame grabbers' on-board processor, accelerating many image processing functions, thereby enhancing application efficiency and performance.

The Matrox Helios frame grabbers are supported under Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

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