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The Kneeling Chair now available at The Chairman

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The Chairman  now supplies the Kneeling Chair which is ergonomic and provides a kneeling-like position.

Kneeling chairs are known by many other names including Yoga Chair, knee chair, balance chair, Kneel sit chair, posture chair and Norwegian chair. Tilting the pelvis forward and dropping the thighs below the hips increases the overall angle between the torso and thighs which encourages correct spinal alignment.

The shins also provide a second point of contact with the kneeling chair with a provided shin pad. This ensures the body to never slip forward off the chair.

The great ergonomic feature of the kneeling chair is the avoidance of pressure on knees and lower back. It encourages a position that distributes weight between the back, thighs and shins. Compressive forces in the spine and related back pain are minimised while sitting as a result.

Sit Right Australian-made kneeling chairs come in three styles – the Longreach, Ballan and Eden. Stock fabrics are Lawler Eagle Charcoal and Monte Carlo 411 Charcoal Wool Berber. The complete range of other colours and styles are supplied with a 12-month warranty, stress-tested to 400kg and are available at The Chairman.

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