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The Barn Office Furniture on office desk shapes and sizes

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Office desk shape:

Different people need different office desks. When you are considering the purchase of a new office desk, the shape of that desk will determine how easy the day’s work will get done.

There are three general common shapes for a workspace, the straight desk, the L-shape and the U-shape. Others come up with their own creations.

Straight desks for executives:

For the executive who does not need too much workspace at his desk, the straight desk may be enough.

This is a singular desktop that has room for the necessities, such as documents, a phone, a penholder and a nameplate, but not too much more room for other items, such as computers or printers.

For an executive, this works just fine. They have someone else do many of those other tasks, and therefore only really need the space to sign things, and hold meetings.

But for those who really work at their desks, more space is needed.

Some of those people will choose an L-shaped desk. This is a desk that when put together literally looks like an L.

It has a main desk that is the long side, with a corner piece and another smaller desktop area to the side.

This desk style first became popular with the advent of the typewriter.

Those who had just needed a solid surface to write on now needed a space to put the typewriter, which was much heavy and bulky to regularly move, as well as a space to do handwritten work.

Today the desk has similar uses. In many cases, the computer monitor and keyboard are put in the corner, while the printer and other peripherals are put on the side leg, and the long side is kept open for documents and a writing surface.

As computers became popular in the office, new office desk shapes came about.

The one considered several computers friendly is the U-Shape. Once again, it looks like its namesake with three sides of desktop surface.

This desk shape came about as workers in the 90’s needed to do the word processing jobs that had before been relegated to the typing pools, and also needed to be able to keep up with the rest of the daily operations.

The computer would often be placed in the bridge of the U shape so the workers could turn to either side to get documents and other items they needed to complete the work at hand. Many of these U-shape desks also had credenzas, which would allow more space for items like scanners and printers that needed to be attached to the computer.

While these are the three main styles of office desks, some people have varying needs and may need to replace a part of a desk with a drawing table or other piece of furniture that works better for their job requirements.

As you consider your desk purchase keep your personal needs in mind, and talk to a retailer, such as The Barn Office Furniture, so they can help find the office furniture that best fits you.

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