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New office chair set up:

You purchase what you think is the perfect office chair. You have got it behind your desk, you are ready to get to work, but if you have not properly adjusted it, all that work you did researching an office chair that was ergonomic and that had you in mind won’t be helping you.

Sitting in an office chair all day does a strain to the back so make sure that your chair is a fully ergonomic office chair.

Consider what you ask your back to do all day. First, it has to hold the weight of your torso and head in a static position, hour after hour.

If you have bad posture, or a non-supportive chair, many of your back muscles will be working to compensate for the support they are lacking.

So, the first line of defence is making sure your back is adequately supported.

A good chair will have a few kinds of back adjustments.

Lumbar Support:

The first will be the lumbar support. It should be completely supporting that curve in the lower portion of your back, which is the lumbar region.

That region of your back is not only responsible for holding your torso up, but it also holds all the muscles that allow you to twist from side to side.

The other back support adjustment that is important is seat depth adjustment.

If you have a lumbar support, but it and the back of your chair don’t touch your back, it will not be offering any support.

When you adjust the seat depth, your legs should just bend over the office chair edge comfortably.

Next – height adjustment:

Next is the height adjustment. When adjusted properly, this adjustment should allow you to have your arms just even with the top of your desk.

This position will lower the impact of stress on your neck and shoulders as they hold up your arms in a typing position.

When your office chair is at the proper height, your feet should also be flat on the ground. If they aren’t you need to invest in a footrest.

If you are a typist, another consideration should be the office chair armrests.

They need to be stationed in such a way as to allow your forearms to rest just off the top of the desk.

Office chair adjustments:

When you are first making these adjustments to your new chair, you are not going to get them all right. It likely will feel awkward to have all that support when you initially sit down.

Be patient. Set the adjustments where you think they’ll work, and then try it out for a while.

Make minor adjustments until you get it right. It could take days or even weeks to truly fine-tune a new office chair for your body.

However, with time for your body to adjust to the new support, and by perfecting the proper levels on the supportive adjustments, you will soon have a more positive work environment for your body, and that will translate to a more positive and productive work environment for you.

If you need advise in picking the perfect chair for your body, retailers like The Barn Office Furniture have a wide selection and can give expert advice on how to set up a new office chair to be the perfect fit for your body shape.

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