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Hardwood and softwood office desks available from The Barn Office Furniture

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What do you want in an Office Desk?

It used to be when you decided you needed an office desk, you pretty much were going to get a slab of wood on top of four legs and be sent on your way.

Today when you want to get an office desk, it is a purchase with many options.

The priority is style. Do you know what kind of style you like in office furniture? There are so many different looks from modern to Victorian and everything in between.

If you are not sure, you may want to look through a number of business magazines to see how the office settings they show strike you.

You can go to websites for furniture shops like The Barn Office Furniture in Sydney, and look at their offerings to see what kind of look you think would suit your office.

Once you think you have found the style you like, you should go to see it in person to make sure that when you sit behind it and touch it, it still has the right feel for your office space.

After you have decided on a style, now you have to decide what it should be made out of.

Hardwood and softwood office desks:

If you are looking for a wood desk, you need to consider what kind of wood you would like it made out of.

The basic options are hardwood or softwood. Generally if you are looking for a formal office desk, it will be made of hardwood, such as Maple, Cherry or Rosewood.

Solid wood or veneer desks:

The next question is whether you want it to be solid wood, or if you want veneer.

Many like one solid piece and look for their office desk. For those people, a solid wood piece of furniture may be a good decision.

But for others, the veneer finish is a fancier option. In veneer, thin layers of decorative wood are bonded to the face of furniture pieces.

This can often give a desk a much more polished and formal appearance.

Also, make sure to talk to the retailer about any finishes that are being used, or could be used on the desk to make it look even better.

Some finishes can be used to bring the colour of the piece more in line with your vision for your office space.

While looks are quite a lot, they are not everything. Your office desk also has to be functional.

Once you think you have found the perfect desk for you, pull up a chair and take a seat. See if it really feels like you hoped it would.

Where are the drawers and cabinets? Are they easily accessible and comfortable to use? These are components you will be using every day so test them out.

If there is something that is not quite the way you would like it, talk to your salesperson, they may be able to suggest another option.

Finding an office desk is not something that should be done impulsively.

Take your time and do it right and you will then have a piece of furniture that will be a part of your office for many years to come.

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