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The Back Aid self-tractioning apparatus is a boon for bad backs

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article image Self-tractioning apparatus for bad backs

The Back Aid  is an apparatus that is essential for people who have back problems. The Back Aid is a self-tractioning apparatus wherein people with bad backs can adjust the arm rests according to their height as well as width.

The Back Aid helps people with ailing backs to easily walk in and turn around. The footrests are easy to step on, the arm rests help to rest the elbows while the weight is taken on the arms when feet are removed from the footrests.

According to doctors, The Back Aid is a must for every factory and every household. When people use The Back Aid, the process enables the body to get into self traction. The body weight allows the spine to elongate, thereby alleviating  pressure on the back as well as trapped nerve endings.

This invention of John Pope comes handy especially for people who have been advised spinal fusion as the last resort. The series of mild exercises that The Back Aid initiates strengthens the global muscles which support the spine.

Only a few seconds per day are needed for people who use The Back Aid. Currently, The Back Aid comes as ‘an easy put together kit’ and is available in Australia and almost all over the globe. The Back Aid apparatus has on record hundreds of letters from grateful purchasers. Doctors, physiotherapists and chiros have recommended the product which also has an insurance coverage when ordered with a doctor’s letter.

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