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Steel trellis from The Australian Trellis Door Company perfect for securing shop fronts

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The Australian Trellis Door Company offers a range of steel trellis that effectively secure shopping centre shop-fronts, kiosks and food court expanses.

The company offers both mobile trackless trellis barriers and fixed trellis door systems (with top track and optional bottom track).  

The mobile trackless barriers are particularly useful for closing off businesses that require a moderate level of security, such as retail kiosks, food outlets and clothing shops situated inside shopping malls that are already secured outside opening hours.  

Boost Juice and The Coffee Club use this form of steel trellis, along with shopping centre operators nationwide, including Westifield and Centro. The system does not require fixing points so it can be moved around quite easily, a feature that makes it very versatile and economical.  

The fixed steel trellis systems are increasingly being used by businesses inside shopping malls. Many shop owners are opting for the fixed steel trellis system rather than glass doors and windows to secure their business. Many stalls at Westfield Bondi, including Prouds, Dick Smith Electronics and Warner Brothers have adopted this method of security.  

Fixed steel trellis are becoming increasingly more popular as use in shop-front closures because of their strength, through-visibility, competitive pricing point and low maintenance.   

The steel trellis can significantly reduce costs for prospective tenants when compared with traditional forms of horizontal folding closures and vertical shutters.

The doors are very versatile, as they can operate in a straight line or may be curved through a radius of 400 degrees.   

The doors are top-hung, and a number of bottom track options including fixed, recessed, hinged or removable are available. A bottom track can be avoided completely and replaced by the use of patio bolts.  

The fixed and mobile steel trellis systems are both easy to store, as they can be folded away to 15% of their extended size. The steel trellis can then be folded away to the side of the shop-front or recessed into a cupboard.  

Both steel trellis models have a unique locking system, where the lock instantly latches shut when slammed closed. A key is not required to lock the steel trellis.

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