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Steel expanding grilles from The Australian Trellis Door Company

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Being safe at home does not mean living behind closed doors. Fit S01 grilles available from The Australian Trellis Door Company  on your doors, windows and patios and keep your home open, light and cool without putting yourself at risk.

Advantages of S01 grilles

  • Flexibility - There are S01 steel expanding grilles to fit any size openings. All S01 grilles are up to two and half metres high, can lock either left or right and can be fitted to the inside or outside of existing doors.
  • Easy to use - The S01 does not require a ceiling or floor track so the opening will not be obstructed.
  • Unobtrusive - The S01 folds up to only 15 % of its open size, and folds neatly out of the way when not in use (unique hinge aside pivoting facility).
  • Cover large openings - The S01 grilles will be made to any width by joining various size grilles together. The S01 grilles can be self supported (no ceiling or floor track) or hung from a ceiling track. Adjustable posts are available for supporting large S01 grilles when only half the opening is required to be secured.
  • Long Lasting- The S01 grille has been treated, epoxy powdercoated and galvanised against corrosion.
  • Unique hinge aside pivoting facility

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