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S06 locking system available from The Australian Trellis Door Company

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The S06 system available from The Australian Trellis Door Company is heavy duty and fully-framed for extra security. The SO6 takes only seconds to close and lock making it perfect for protection in open areas such as banks, shop fronts, hotel bars, closed warehouse areas etc.

Why should you choose the S06 for business?


  • Custom made, fully framed, galvanised steel construction made from 95% solid steel for ultimate strength. Features solid brass rivets, ensuring there is no weakness. After stringent burglar resistant static load testing, the Slamlock proved to be unquestionably stronger than other locking systems

Custom made:

  • Measurement and fitting is carried out by The Australian Trellis Door Company’s design team


  • The S06 will fold away to 15% of its closed size

Long lasting:

  • The S06 grille has been treated, epoxy powdercoated and galvanised against corrosion
  • Unique quick-action key-less lock
  • This unique locking system improves your personal protection where you are at risk
  • Slam door instant locking without turning key
  • A 12mm pin for extra strength
  • Three locking points in one lock
  • Double hook for extra strength

Bottom track:

  • Bottom track can be fixed, removable or hinged

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