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RS1 roller shutter security system from The Australian Trellis Door Company

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The Roller Shutter Security System available from The Australian Trellis Door Company is sleek and unobtrusive, blending in with the overall appearance of your home.

Why should you choose the RS1 for home?


  • The RS1 system allows the shutters to roll totally from view leaving your windows unobstructed when you want them to be. The RS1 system is up to 90% cooler in summer and up to 70% warmer in winter and year-round protection against intruders, noise, rain, hail, wind, debris and damaging UV rays. The RSI roller shutter security systems also provide an effective barrier to flying ash in bush fire prone areas

Easy to use:

  • The RS1 can be controlled manually or electronically from inside your home. By adjusting the distance between the slats you can easily create a softly-lit atmosphere. Internal locking mechanism locks the shutter in position when down. Additional security by way of The Australian Trellis Door Company’s key locking system which will increase strength and resilience

Quality and strength:

  • RS1 Permashield roller shutters are a system of interlocking, architectural strength, aluminium slats, injected with polyurethene and coated in fade and abrasive resistant enamel. Their non-corrosive characteristics mean that maintenance is nil

Quality is ensured by a meticulous 3 stage test:

  • Control manufacturing materials by testing the technical properties of the aluminium, of the binding quality and resistance of polyammidic paint that result in an orange peel finish of particular resistance to abrasion
  • Constant control of the roll forming cycle, to ensure the perfect shaping of the aluminium coil and the proper process of injection of polyurethanic resins
  • Sample testing of the finished product, to guarantee its conformity with manufacturing standards

Wide range of colours:

  • 15 colours, standard for all profiles, will satisfy most discerning tastes

Bushfire rated:

The RS1 shutter meets the requirements of WFRA standard FES025 C version 2.31.2: performance of external construction elements subjected to simulated bushfire attacks, Part C: radiant heat test, issued July 2004 when exposed to 29-kW/square metre total heat flux.

In the opinion of CSIRO, this shutter is suitable for the protection of windows from radiant heat from bushfires, and satisfies the performance required to protect windows of clause GP5.1 and Clause P2.3.4 of the Building Code of Australia 2005 (subject to certain installation and window coverage conditions).

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