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Mobile trackless trellis barriers from The Australian Trellis Door Company proving very popular

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The Australian Trellis Door Company has recently installed over 120 lineal metres of their S04-1 model of trackless trellis barriers at the new Gosford Town Centre, a recently redeveloped shopping centre on the NSW Central Coast.  

Eight kiosks situated in the middle of the new centre required security barriers. Being kiosks of various different shapes and sizes, there were quite a few issues to contend with. Firstly, no super structure existed and there were no fixing points or supports. There were also many angled lines and almost 120 lineal metres of space to secure.  

The S04-1 trackless trellis barriers provided the perfect solution to all of these problems. This model of trellis barrier is trackless and self-supporting, so the centre’s absence of fixing points was not an issue. The trackless trellis barriers can also span an unlimited width at any angle without the need for structural support from a mullion, so they could protect each kiosk with ease. 

The S04-1 model of trackless trellis barriers are also useful in factory and warehouse settings, as they can be set up around machinery to protect other workers from harm, and can be used to prevent the public from wandering into these buildings during trading hours. This can minimise the risk of injury, and helps businesses adhere to Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

The Australian Trellis Door Company is constantly developing new products that can enhance the security of businesses and make the use of the trellis barriers more efficient.

The removable lockable post is a new innovation that can be used in conjunction with the trackless trellis barrier. It can provide a higher level of security at it means that the trellis barriers do not have to be attached to the shop-windows. Instead, the removable lockable posts can be locked to a stainless steel plate on the floor and the trellis barriers are attached to the posts. This can decrease the likelihood of shop-front windows being smashed.

Another recent innovation includes a specially developed manual handling trolley, which allows a large span trackless barrier to be operated by a single person.

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